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HAPPY BOSS’S DAY! Dr. Carlton, we appreciate you always. Your kindness never goes unnoticed. You always go above and beyond as our boss and we love you for the beautiful person that you are! We hope you have a great day as we celebrate YOU! 

Suzana B-Day
Happy Birthday Suzana! 28 looks so good on you!!

Angela B-Day
Happy birthday to our assistant, Angela! We hope your birthday is as sweet as you!
Mal 2Mal 1
Congratulations to our sweet Mallory! We couldn’t be more proud of you! We love you so much and are so excited for you !!

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Beach 2
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We moved our office to the beach for a few days to allow our team to take a breath, be rewarded for amazing work during an unprecedented time, and enjoy a well deserved break! It was a few days to be reminded how blessed we are to have a work family that enjoys, loves and supports one another! It was a break that allowed us to bask in the sun and sand, feel a few moments of peace and enjoy a few laughs....who am I kidding, we laughed until we cried! The beach was the perfect place to celebrate these awesome ladies and what they mean to me and our patients! We are smiling at all the memories made and are ready to get back to creating smiles for our patients!

SURPRISE! Let's go to the beach

Melanie S B-day
Happy Birthday to the one who makes everyone “Smiley”! We hope you have the best day Melanie filled with Rotolo’s pizza + Reese’s peanut butter cups!

Help us welcome our new Clinical Assistant, Angela! She has worked in dentistry for over 6 years and we are so excited she decided to join our team! 

Dr. C B-day
HAPPY BIRTHDAY to our #1. We love you Dr. Carlton and hope you have the best day ever! 💕  #makingthe40’slookfabulous
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Ormco 3
Ormco 4 Ormco 5
What a great learning experience in a beautiful place!