A Message from the Carlton Ortho Team

July 8, 2022
Her Fight Is Our Fight!

We wanted to update you on Dr. Carlton’s plan of care as well as some upcoming changes in the office. All testing has been completed by her doctors.  She will be treated with chemotherapy followed by surgery and finishing with radiation treatments.  She is ready to start the fight to WIN this battle!

Dr. Carlton’s port was placed on July 6th and she is home recovering nicely. She starts chemotherapy on July 14th. It is planned to be 6 rounds of chemo given every 3 weeks for a total of 18 weeks. In an effort to keep Dr. Carlton as healthy as possible during her chemo treatments, we are only allowing one masked parent in the treatment areas at this time.  If anyone in your household is sick, please let our team know so that we can reschedule your appointment.  Dr. Carlton will not be in the office July 18th - 20th; however, all appointments will be kept as scheduled. Drs. Sean Smith, Stephen Sherman, and Haley Bui have graciously offered to cover clinic appointments on those days. Dr. Carlton is confident they will take great care of everyone!

We thank you for your cooperation and appreciate your understanding as we navigate this journey to health for Dr. Carlton! 

June 28, 2022
At Carlton Orthodontics, we consider our patients family, and, as such, we wanted to share some news and ask for your prayers. Dr. Carlton was recently diagnosed with breast cancer. While she is still undergoing tests and preparing for treatment, the cancer was detected early and it is contained. She has a great team of doctors in place guiding her through all of this! Dr. Carlton is one of the strongest women we know and she is ready to fight! Her great faith in God, as well as the prayers of family and friends, will get her through this difficult time!

There will be times in the next days, weeks and months that Dr. Carlton may need to be out of the office based on her treatments. Some of these dates may occur last minute. We appreciate your understanding as we do what is best in consideration of her care.

Dr. Carlton wants to make sure that all of her patients are in great hands when she has to be out of the office. Her amazing LSU Orthodontic family of colleagues have offered to cover the office as needed. This group is highly trained in the same techniques as Dr. Carlton. She has complete trust in them and she knows that the decisions they make will be in the best interest of her patients’ care. There also may be specific instances that Dr. Carlton feels it necessary to reschedule your appointment so that she can see you personally.

Dr. Carlton loves her patients and staff as one can see with the care she shows through her daily practice. Let’s cheer her on and show her how much we care because we know she’s got this!

Thank you for your understanding, support, and prayers! Our staff is prepared to help you with any questions and all of your orthodontic needs. Please do not hesitate to call if you need us.

💗 Carlton Ortho Team